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We’re passionate about creating unique, lasting product experiences, helping you reach the right audience, in the right location, at the right time.

Our product sampling options allow consumers to experience new products while giving you actionable insights to drive your brand forward.

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Our sampling solutions deliver

gemsatwork freebies at work targeting & scale

Targeting & Scale

Reach more than 6 million consumers with our direct and targeted sampling approach
gemsatwork freebies at work engagement


Create memorable brand experiences to help your products leave a lasting impression.
gemsatwork freebies at work measurable results

Measurable Results

Get detailed, bespoke reporting and build a greater return on investment.
gemsatwork freebies at work insights


Receive valuable, honest feedback and insight to improve customer understanding.

Sampling Solutions

Each of our innovative product sampling solutions are proven to offer measurable results and actionable insights.

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gemsatwork product sampling solutions experiential
gemsatwork product sampling solutions market research
gemsatwork product sampling solutions ambient sampling
gemsatwork product sampling solutions NPD launch
gemsatwork product sampling solutions retail activation

Not sure which solution's best for you?

Recent Success

Popping Results with PROPERCORN

Bags sampled close to Tesco stockists

  • Post-trial purchase intent 97% 97%
  • 10 months on, buying at least once a month 29% 29%

Un-wrapping the issue with WAHACA

Consumers reached within 0.5km of retailers

  • Post-trial purchase intent 75% 75%

Soup-erb Results with ITSU MISO SOUP

Consumers reached

  • Post-trial purchase intent 78% 78%
  • Rate of sale increase 124% 124%

"This is the best marketing campaign that anyone has ever done for us!"

– Cully, Co-founder, Cully & Sully

"The report is really positive and our ROS analysis shows an uplift in sales. We look forward to working with gemsatwork in future"

– Alice, Itsu

"The team were extremely enthusiastic, helpful and efficient. It's given us some great insight into our audience"

– Becky, Marketing Manager, Belvoir fruit farms

"We were delighted with the total management of the campaign and achieved a very positive outcome. I would not hesitate to recommend gemsatwork"

– Fiona, Brand Manager, Nairns

"Provided us with great insights and in turn we have used it to help create our strategy over the past 2 years. Gemsatwork were super speedy in responding, flexible and great value for money."

– Celia, Tea Company Marketing Lead, Unilever

The Product Sampling Conundrum

The Sampling Conundrum Product sampling is a tactic that's been used for years to drive trial, awareness and sales almost since the birth of marketing. (Okay maybe not that long, but for a really long time!). Why is that? Because it’s a tactic that’s been...

Why it Works: The Psychology Behind Product Sampling

What's the whole point of it all? Well, there is a reason why organisations in the FMCG world continue to, time and time again, give away their own products as free product samples. In simple terms … product sampling works If that is not enough to convince...

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