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5 ways to motivate & inspire your team

After spending a year working from home or as an essential worker, your team could be starting to show signs of fatigue. Are your staff still motivated, or do you need to inject some fresh energy?

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Thank you, essential workers!

Looking back over 2020, it was certainly a year that we’ll never forget. It’s never been a more important time to reward key workers.. whilst spreading a little joy!

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What’s next for gemsatwork?

With our company built around helping employers create more fun and engaging working environments with employee rewards, we saw the outbreak of Covid-19 as a serious threat to our Community, and subsequently our business and our team. Key worker donations As the...

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5 Recipes 5 Chefs

Some of us are legendary and some of us are still figuring things out but when it comes to the kitchen there's not a lot more comforting then a lovely homecooked meal. Whilst we may find ourselves under the best advice to stay inside at the moment, we thought it’d be...

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18 Must-Watch Movies You Can’t Miss

 Ever fancied a film but been unsure what to choose? Are you ever stuck on what film to watch? It’s very frustrating when you’re just scrolling through Netflix and can’t decide what to watch. We have you covered! Each staff member of gemsatwork have recommended a...

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7 Tips For Staying Healthy Whilst Self-isolating

Whilst it's important to look after your health and wellbeing during this period of time, it can be extremely difficult to stay motivated and stick to a routine in your own home. Whether you need a home gym or a new hobby, we have provided some tips to help you stay...

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Introducing gemsatwork Exclusives!

Now you can reward your team with exclusive discounts and savings across thousands of big brand names, from and Samsung, to Virgin Wines and Travelodge. Whether you’re simply browsing or looking for something in particular, we can help you and your team...

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10 Best Spotify Playlists to Listen to in the Office

Avoid workplace arguments with this eclectic mix of office playlists to please everybody. Whether it’s Monday motivation you’re after or background music for the post-weekend slump, we’ve got you covered. Click through the links in the headers to shoot on...

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The Importance of Staff Rewards

Among the many reasons why 97% of our members would recommend us to a friend is that we always aim to be the best free staff rewards service. By joining gemsatwork you’ll not only get to treat your hardworking colleagues to new and exciting products,...

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