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gemsatwork freebies at work product samples

We work with the World’s best brands to bring you exciting new products to share with your team

From a healthy communal breakfast to an office picnic, an ice-cold beer to a bar of chocolate, gemsatwork is used by tens of thousands of workplaces to provide free rewards that are proven to improve employee satisfaction.

gemsatwork freebies at work product samples
gemsatwork freebies at work product samples
Here’s how it works…
Get started by registering your workplace and confirming a few details about yourself and your role.
Invite your team

Invite your team to fill out your wishlist so they can tell us about themselves and their interests, so we can match you up to relevant rewards and experiences.

Look out for the notifications about relevant offers. You can opt-in and choose how many people you’d like to treat to the reward/experience.

Bring people together to share the experience or distribute the products to them directly. We’ll send you all the information you need to notify your team so they can see how to get involved.

Share your experiences
We collect feedback from your team so we know what they like best and can ensure we’re able to keep sending you products they will love.
Capture the moment
Enter our ‘best photo’ competitions to share your moments and show us what a great time you’re creating for your teams.
Join thousands of employers using gemsatwork.
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