How to survive a hangover in the office

How to survive a hangover in the office

We’ve all been there. You start off with the best intentions, a quick Cinzano and you’re off home. In a blink of an eye your head is throbbing and it’s 9:00am. Staring an eight-hour shift in the face after a heavy night on the sauce can be painful, especially when they come thick and fast during the Christmas season.


After a quick google, your worst fears have been realised – no one has yet invented a scientifically proven hangover cure. Cripes. But, you’re not on your own. There are several steps you can take to ensure the day goes as quickly and painlessly as possible.



Guzzling a pint of water before bed is Hangover 101, but going without is still common place – a rookie mistake. A night of boozing can seriously dehydrate you, whilst also robbing you of precious electrolytes in the process. It’s this that directly leads to that major morning-after headache, because in its desperate search for fluid the body begins to take it from the cranium.


If you’re one of the lucky ones with flexible working hours, grab that extra hour in bed (or perhaps have a nap at lunch). Alcohol makes it hard for your body to properly rest, and disrupts your sleeping pattern. Explaining that feeling of grogginess that accompanies the alarm in the morning.


So, by now you’re on the way to work. Forgo the bus and walk if you can, exercise will help get your body in gear for the day ahead. Do not ignore breakfast, get your blood-sugar levels back to normal with something carbohydrate heavy – whether that’s toast, porridge or a cheeky Full English, we won’t judge. If you’re partial to a coffee or tea, treat yourself and get the kettle boiling.


Once you’ve arrived, it’s probably not best to put on your onesie and start a boxset. Remain professional, pick a task that you enjoy to help the day pass quicker. If you don’t have that luxury, throwing yourself into your work no matter what it is will help take your thoughts away from whatever embarrassing thing you did last night.


When divulging last night’s frivolities, it’s best to assess the situation in the office. Tempting as it might be if it’s a good story, keeping it to yourself and sucking it up can help prevent further embarrassment. When it comes to promotions, employers could use the odd binge against you when looking at who’s most reliable in the office – and pass over you for that promotion you richly deserve.


You’ve made it to lunch, excellent. You’re on the home straight, now to have something for lunch to keep you going. Eggs are the perfect way forward, rich in amino-acids and other goodies that help rejuvenate you inside. Vegan? Then something oat based can have a similar effect. Wash it down with a sports drink, whilst going for a run is the last thing on your mind – they’re full of those electrolytes we talked about earlier.


The day’s at an end, breathe a heavy sigh of relief and get yourself home. A good night’s kip and something wholesome for dinner is what the doctor ordered now. Starting a boxset is probably a good idea now too.


But as we all know, the best hangover cure is probably not drinking at all – but where’s the fun in that?

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