Knowledge base

Signing up and the basics

How do I register?

Head over to our sign-up page and enter a few details, it’s as simple as that. We will always need your address, a work email and the number of staff at your site.

What happens after I register for gemsatwork?

After registering your interest, you’ll receive an email from our team, confirming whether or not you were successful in signing-up to the gemsatwork network. We may ask you to clarify some information about your office.

Only after receiving our confirmation email will your workplace be eligible for our sampling campaigns.

Is there a set number of employees I need to have?

In short, no. However, many of the promotions we run have a set number of samples needed to be delivered per office. This means that if you have fewer members of staff at your site than the minimum delivery size, you will not be offered the giveaway. Usually, the minimum per office is set at around 100 for our sampling campaigns, meaning if you have fewer staff than this you’re unlikely to hear from us regularly.

How do I find out about the freebies in my area?

When we’re sending out samples to workplaces in your location, we’ll contact you via email and offer you the chance to opt-in. Sometimes, we’ll call you to find out if you’re interested in a giveaway.

Do I have to accept everything?
Quite simply, no. You only receive the products you opt-in for, meaning you only get the products you want to try.
What details do you need?
Mainly just your address and contact details but there are other bits of information that help us ensure we’re offering you relevant products. We keep all your information safe and will never share it with any third parties.
What’s a secondary contact?
We know you can’t always be around to take a delivery, so we ask you to nominate a secondary contact when opting-in for any giveaway. This means that if we can’t reach you on the day of delivery, there’s another colleague who knows what to do and be the office hero in your absence.
Why are the samples free?

The brands we work with give away their products for free so that people can try new things.

We work on behalf of the brands to get them delivered to you. The feedback we receive is really helpful to the brands and helps them improve their products so, please do be honest when filling in surveys.

What’s the catch?

It’s often said that there’s no such thing as a free lunch, well normally there isn’t, but with us… there can be.

We’re happy to send you free products, but please do ensure you don’t leave them to go to waste and encourage your lovely colleagues to leave their feedback.

Opt-in, delivery and what’s next

Where is the Ambassador’s area?

We’ve made it easier than ever before to get involved in our campaigns, you no longer need to login to the Ambassador’s area to send feedback emails or opt-in. We’ll email you all the information you need, alongside step-by-step guides on how to get your colleagues involved; making it as simple as possible.

How do I opt-in?
When we have a giveaway you’re eligible for we’ll email you with all of the details of the product what’s in store, then you can choose whether to opt-in or decline the giveaway.
I’ve missed out on a campaign, what does this mean?

We work on a first-come-first served basis, meaning we’ll offer the products to everyone who’s eligible and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

If you’re too late, you’ll be told you’ve Missed Out. We’ll then put you on a waiting list in case we get anyone dropping out, and if we do we’ll be in touch.

How do I opt-out of a campaign?
If you see something you don’t fancy pop into your inbox, you simply click the link saying ‘No thanks’ and we won’t contact you about that giveaway again. Or, if you’ve already opted-in but need to back out due to an unforeseen circumstance, either call or email us and we’ll do it for you.
How come I never receive anything?

We work with lots of different brands, and some of them like to focus on certain areas or are aiming to reach certain types of people. When deciding who to offer a giveaway, we consider several different criteria to ensure we are reaching the consumers the brands are aiming for. No one will receive every giveaway.

If you haven’t received any communication from us in over 6 months, it could be you’re missing our emails. In this case, it would be advisable to add us to your safe senders list.

When will I know when my products will arrive?

The opt-in email you receive will let you know the week the samples will be delivered, our deliveries usually take place between Tuesday and Thursday. Once we have the planned delivery date from our courier partners, you’ll receive an email confirming the date of arrival.

We’ll also send an update on the day of delivery with tracking, as well as inviting you to confirm your delivery the day after, ensuring no samples go missing.

My delivery hasn’t arrived, what’s happened?

Sometimes there can be a hold up with delivery due to unforeseen circumstances with our courier partners (traffic, van breakdown etc.), or there was an issue with the delivery driver being able to reach you or your nominated Secondary Contact.

If you’ve been provided with it, please check your tracking data and contact one of our team.

Please be extra careful when opting-in to ensure there will be someone who can receive the products and that the address you’ve provided is correct.

How do we leave feedback?

On the day of delivery, you’ll receive a unique link to share with your team. This allows you to easily customise the message you send with your link, as well as providing you with flexibility on how you share it with your colleagues.

The link itself directs you and your colleagues to your workplaces landing page, here you can access the campaign survey.

Don’t worry if you’ve missed the email on the day of delivery, we’ll send through a couple of reminders throughout the week.

Not only this, but we will be providing unique QR codes for every giveaway we do. This means when you receive your delivery, you’ll have a poster to hang-up in a communal area – with information on the samples and a QR code to your office landing page.

I haven’t received the survey link, how can I access it?

You should receive a link to the survey on the day of your delivery, as well as a reminder the day after it has arrived. Sometimes these emails go into the spam folder, so please do check here first. If you still haven’t received the feedback link or are unable to find it, contact us at or via the Live Chat feature on our website.

Didn’t find the answer you need? Drop us a line here.