Office sampling

Provide consumers with memorable experiences by reaching them in the workplace. Products of all shapes and sizes can be delivered straight to your target consumer at their place of work. Our range of targeting options are designed to help you reach your ideal consumers, whether that’s audience demographics, attitudes or targeting workplaces close to retailers to create a clear path to purchase.

Product Sampling Solutions - Workplace Sampling
Product Sampling Solutions - gemsatwork Chilled Sampling

Chilled sampling

Our chilled sampling services get your products into consumers’ hands at the best temperature so they can be enjoyed as intended. Cold drink on a hot day? No problem. Office picnic? Done. Who wants a warm coke?

Experiential marketing

Creating engaging experiences will help you build an impression that lives long in the collective memory of your audience. Our workplace experiential marketing services will bring your brand to life, at scale.

gemsatwork experiential marketing solutions
gemsatwork market research product sampling

Market research

Understanding your customers is essential if you want to be successful. Our market research solutions capture feedback directly from consumers to deliver meaningful insights that help push your brand forward. What are the burning questions you have?

NPD launch

Give your NPD the best chance of success by incorporating targeted sampling into your launch plan. Educate your audience to your product’s benefits and availability. Let people experience it at its best.

gemsatwork new product development launch
gemsatwork retail activation sampling

Retail activation sampling

Activating in workplaces near to your retailers helps to improve consideration and drive rate of sale. Provide a great sampling experience and a clear path to purchase, at a fraction of the cost of in-store sampling.

Targeted product sampling

Our targeted product sampling solutions help you reach your audience. With a wealth of targeting options and over 4 million consumers in our community, you can select your audience based on locations, demographics, preferences, attitudes and more.

gemsatwork targeted product sampling
gemsatwork tactical product sampling solutions

Tactical product sampling

Drive your marketing strategy with tactical sampling. By helping you better understand your audience our tactical product sampling solutions help improve your strategic execution and know which tactics work best for your brand.

Ambient product sampling

We’re specialists in both ambient and chilled product sampling, with an approach that’s both targeted and highly scalable. We can help you reach your target audience and deliver experiences that live long in the memory.

gemsatwork ambient product sampling
gemsatwork mass product sampling

Mass product sampling

Our product sampling solutions mean you can activate at huge scale whilst delivering superior consumer experiences to traditional mass sampling options.

Office drop sampling

Our approach to workplace sampling has rendered office drop sampling a thing of the past. Using our established community of over 10,000 workplaces we create engaging brand experiences, building a sense of exclusivity and desirability that traditional office drop sampling offerings failed to deliver.

gemsatwork office drop sampling

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