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The brief

Educate consumers about the bubbles proposition and drive trial at the point-of-need whilst providing uniquely fun, memorable and disruptive experiences.

The solution

What do you need more on a hot day than a refreshingly cool drink? Creating the concept of ‘Thirst Aid’, HR reps in workplaces were invited to reward their workforce with ice cold cans of bubbles on the hottest days of the summer.

Keeping an eye on the weather forecast, branded ‘Thirst-Aid Kits’ were sent to workplaces on the hottest days with 48 hours notice, allowing Ambassadors to serve colleagues a refreshing can of Bubbles. ‘Business-speak-bingo’ cards and coasters helped to bring people together to share the experience and plan how they would drop clichéd sayings into their meetings and disrupt the monotonous daily routine.

The results

Thirst aid’ was a huge success; 800,000 consumers across 4,000 companies tried an ice-cold can of bubbles on the hottest day of each week over a four week period.

69% of consumers had never heard of bubbles
67% said it was ‘pretty tasty’ or ‘really tasty’
60% intend to purchase after trying it

Participating offices included

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