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The Product Sampling Conundrum

The Sampling Conundrum Product sampling is a tactic that's been used for years to drive trial, awareness and sales almost since the birth of marketing. (Okay maybe not that long, but for a really long time!). Why is that? Because it’s a tactic that’s been...

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Why it Works: The Psychology Behind Product Sampling

What's the whole point of it all? Well, there is a reason why organisations in the FMCG world continue to, time and time again, give away their own products as free product samples. In simple terms … product sampling works If that is not enough to convince...

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Creating a good survey

Planning your outputs When conducting any market research, creating a good survey will depend on first thinking about the output. What are the answers you’re looking for and what the actionable insights that you hope to get? Our clients use surveys to collect feedback...

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