What benefit does listening to music in the office have?

What benefit does listening to music in the office have?

Whether you’re into thumping EDM, or free-form jazz; we’re all testament to the beauty of music. It’s importance within modern society is unrivaled, from helping us relax and unwind, to increasing productivity. Studies show there’s three main reasons why it could be effective in your office


Fighting stress
Work related stress is one of the major health issues facing the UK today, having both a negative effect on employee mental health and resulting in a reduction of productivity. An estimated 11.7 million days of work a year are lost through stress, costing both businesses and the overall economy close to £6 billion a year. Due to musics unique ability to tap into our mood, it can be an incredible relaxation tool. It both absorbs our attention, and helps draw our mind from whats bothering us. Listening to your own choice of music, whether that’s through headphones or the office speaker – has been found to increase productivity and reduce stress.


Curtailing boredom and interruptions
People who are bored in the office, will look for something to distract them. Music helps occupy the mind, gives you something else to focus on and can help stop day-dreaming, talking and even fidgeting. Headphones also help block-out distractions in the first place, drowning out background noise and other colleagues – what’s more, having your headphones in works as an effective ‘please don’t distract me’ sign, leaving you to get your work done in peace.


Freedom of identity
Being able to express yourself as in individual is key within a happy office, feeling as if you’re just another number has a detrimental effect on employee well-being and results in a high staff turnover rate. Being able to play your own music has been shown as a way of asserting our identities, helping relationships grow and creating conversations across the office. It allows for group decision making, ‘What shall we listen to today?’, ‘It’s your turn today’, breeding a more open office, and helps employees feel their opinions are valued in the long run.


So what do you think? Is music a big part of your office, or do you prefer the sound of silence?

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