With our company built around helping employers create more fun and engaging working environments with employee rewards, we saw the outbreak of Covid-19 as a serious threat to our Community, and subsequently our business and our team.

Key worker donations

As the lockdown started and offices were closed for many of us, it was amazing to see how everyone came together to support our essential workers and alleviate some of the mounting pressure on our NHS.

We were delighted to be in a position to help out and focus our attention on the millions of key workers in our Community, and our brand partners were seriously keen to provide support where they could.

By mid-March we had secured over half a million product donations for our beloved NHS and key workers. By the end of May we had helped facilitate an incredible 4 million products finding their way to key workers and vulnerable people up and down the UK.

We were inundated with gratitude and the key workers affected really appreciated the generosity shown by brands including Kind Snacks, Mars Wrigley, Lavazza, Ritter Sport, and Benecol. We even found work mentioned on the BBC!

What’s next?

With more and more people returning to work we’re starting to see brands looking to provide samples and help people get back to some semblance of normality.

We’ve got some exciting treats coming from Weetabix On The Go and Lily’s Kitchen among others, so keep your eye on your inbox or log-in to gemsatwork.com to see if they’re open to you.

If you’re a brand who like to find out more about how our range of product sampling services could help you get 2020 moving again, or even help you thrive in 2021, give us a call now on (0203 341 100) or drop us a line at hello@gemsatwork.com