Don’t miss out on future campaigns

Leaving feedback is an integral part of our experiences at gemsatwork.

Not only does it ensure we’re able to provide our brand partners with valuable consumer insights, but lets us know you’re an engaged workplace.

Whilst there are several different factors that go into deciding whether an office will be invited to opt-in to a giveaway, the most important is previous engagement with sampling campaigns.

The Ambassadors and workplaces that provide the highest response rates to the surveys are always invited to giveaways first, meaning those that do not provide feedback will miss out. This is because our brand partners rely on the consumer data provided through the surveys to improve their products, as well as understand the impact the campaign had upon their target demographic.

This means the more of your colleagues you get to leave feedback, the more likely you are to receive giveaways in future – it’s that simple.

Need help leaving feedback?

If you’re struggling to leave feedback or don’t know where to start, read our blog on ‘How To Leave Feedback’. If you’re still having issues or need assistance, contact us directly at and one of our talented team will he happy to help.