Last Friday saw the first incarnation of #4pmFinishDay, and whilst it seems that recently there’s a day for everything (#CountYourButtonsDay anyone?), it begs the question; why should we be allowed to leave early?


Did you know that in the UK 66% of employees if given the opportunity would request flexible working hours? Now, it’s not just about nipping down the pub early on a Friday, or getting into the gym before the 5pm rush – it’s about increasing productivity and morale.


Companies that let workers leave early on Fridays – or any day of the week – especially if they’re allowed to make up for it on other days, will help boost employee morale with no impact on the bottom line.


The flexibility allows employees to meet personal and family obligations conveniently, whilst avoiding burnout. You can go home to be there during an emergency boiler repair, or to the dentist without eating into your holiday allowance – meaning they’ll have more time to re-charge the batteries in the future.


Research has shown varied benefits to flexi-time, from cutting absenteeism and increasing your ability to attract applicants, to reducing staff turnover and extending hours of operation. Reports from the CIPD state that employers across Europe are turning to flexi-hours in their droves. Not only is it a sign of these 24/7 connected times, where everyone has a fast broadband connection at home – but one of boosting profits without any additional outlay.


Giving your employees the choice of when to work can be a difficult transition for many traditional businesses, with it involving a large part of trust on their part. Whilst it’s not for everyone, flexible working hours are coming with their use growing over the last ten years. With more and more people looking for a better work-life balance, will you make the switch?