Now gemsatwork are offering your team even more!

Introducing gemsatwork Exclusives 

In addition to the exciting experiences you can create for your team, now you can enjoy free access to exclusive discounts from indoor skydiving to days out, it’s a great way to reward your employees, retain long-term engagement and attract new candidates.

…Did we mention it’s completely free?

A step-by-step guide to gemsatwork Exclusives

1. Simply click on ‘View Exclusives’ on the homepage.

2. You can then browse and scroll through the exclusive offers or search by brand name or category.

3. Once you’ve found an offer you like you can copy the discount code and go to the website. If you’d prefer you can also print or email yourself an offer for later. 


Not really sure what you’re looking for? Try the ‘Inspire me’ feature which will show you discounts on a mix of products you may never have considered. 

A bit busy? Why not use our ‘Save’ feature which allows you to collect offers to redeem at a later date. 

If you can’t find discounts on the brands you’re looking for, you or your team can let us know in the ‘Suggestions’ section and our teams will hunt them out.


Signing up your team is easy


1. After you log in, click ‘your team’ on the left-hand menu and you’ll have the option to add your team.

2. Type a personal message at the top of the invite preview for your team members.

3. Enter your team’s email addresses below and hit ‘send invites’. Once added, your team will receive an introductory email and will be able to join and start saving straight away.

If you’ve already started adding your team you can go back to stage 2 by clicking ‘Add to team’.

Once this has been done you can view and manage your team members and see which members have completed their profile. 

If you’re unable to send emails, you can copy and paste the invite link (found at the bottom of the invite email) into your workplace communications platform such as Slack, your company intranet or even add it into your staff newsletter!

All your team need to do is click the link to activate their account to get access to hundreds of great deals!

Happy saving!

gemsatwork Exclusives rewards your employees with discounts on…