Welcome to the gemsatwork office community...

What happens next?

Now you’ve confirmed you wish to continue receiving samples to you workplace, you have joined tens of thousands of workplaces around the World representing millions of employees. We’ve delivered over 100 million samples in last few years, and we’re so excited to have you on-board. You are now eligible to start receiving freebies.

When can I expect my first delivery?
Don’t worry, we’ll never send you anything you don’t explicitly opt-in for and you can easily decline products you don’t want to receive – no hard feelings. 
We’ll send you an email once you fall into the target demographic for a campaign. This may be based on your location, your industry or one of the many metrics we use to ensure the samples reach those most likely to enjoy them.
What do you want me to do when they arrive?
Once you receive your delivery of samples, hand them out as quickly as you can to your colleagues. We encourage our Ambassadors to setup in a communal area before inviting their colleagues over, but if you’d like to distribute them directly to their desks that is more than fine. 
It is imperative that you share the survey link we provide you with around the workplace, as well as display the promotional poster with a QR code that links to our microsite. It’s through the feedback we receive we’re able to send you free samples, as the brand is paying in part for the invaluable insight you provide.
One thing we also love to see are photos of people enjoying their samples, so be sure to encourage your colleagues to take a few snaps or take some yourselves.
Any questions?
Either visit our FAQ page on our website, or email our fantastic support team at community@gemsatwork.com – they’re always eager to help!